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Upgrade your Bebez hair regimen by doubling up with our new new packs today.

These packs include our signature fully restored moisturizer + pure black seed oil EDGES!

Pure Black seed oil in the purest form. Edges is a easy spray on product that treats problem areas that are thinning or refusing to grow. Black seed oil is packed with antioxidants. omegas 3,6, & 9 the essential fatty acids help strengthen and grow long hair, and even have better skin and longer nails.

4C hair bebez fully restored handcrafted herbal daily moisturizer is now available & Paired with NEW Edges.

Say good-bye to Dry unmanageable hair & Hello to a Bebez safe all inclusive hair food moisturizer. Now with less the cost of your typical product suppliers & more of the product you can restore your hair in only 30 days by starting on this daily regimen! With sizes ranging from 8oz to 34 oz bags you now have plenty of food for your hair. This is an ideal product for individuals with curly hair textures. This amazing moisturizer is designed to keep your hair fresh for up to 72hours, manageable & nourished. This all natural hair food moisturizer can be used topically on the skin as it has no additives or chemicals. Fully Restored moisturizer was designed to combat even the curliest textured hair which is 4C, however designed for all curly heads to enjoy. Expect to have shining radiant fresh, strong, defined hair that grows rapidly when you adopt as a daily regime! It is truly an all inclusive product that contains over 20 herbs, plant, oil, butters, vegetable, seeds, wheat, flower and nuts.

Check out these ingredients that Supply you with a conglomerate of High protein stimulating nutritional amino acid filled abundance that Penetrates your scalp for Healthy Growth immediately! 

NEW Manuka Honey

Castor oil




 flax seed


 sesame seed



 hemp seeds

 chia seed





 bay leaf


 star Anise


 spearmint leaf

 aloe vera

Black walnut oil

 coconut oil

 avocado oil

 olive oil

 Grapeseed oil

Shea butter


Tea tree 







Fully restored moisturizer has a strong natural scent. The smell of our essential oils are potent. If you have sensitivity to smell you may want to note this at shipping so that we can prepare a blend that is less scented. This product also contains nuts so if you have not been cleared by a doctor please consult one first or request a blend that does not contain nuts. Fully restored moisturizer should NOT be used in the eyes or in private body areas. Please do not eat. Product consistency does change based upon temperature, please store in a cold space or fridge. This product is thick but does not create product build up, the thickness helps the hair and scalp to restore. Thanks for reading!