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We wanted to change the narrative of how we treat naturally curly hair. So we formulated a product that was totally herbal. We chose the most reputable and quality-focused natural herb suppliers to accomplish a custom blend of herbs, oils, butters, veggies, seeds, nuts & fruit that were all scientifically proven to cure hair loss, weakened hair follicles, dry itchy skin & the inability to grow long healthy strong nails. Our products focus on more than one problem, resolving common issues for Hair, Skin & Nails. Our herbal treatments are trully made with love & for once we can now choose an alkaline diet to use internally and externally. Our products are 100% natural, organic herbal blends & free from harsh chemicals or coloring. We do use an array of tested preservatives some being all natural unless specified otherwise to protect your herbal treatments from mold & bacteria. All of our blends are made in a sanitized preparation place, prepared & packaged using gloves, in a climate controlled area, we use hair restraints & clean garment. 
Please refer to our Herbal Care Guide for tips to optimize the quality of your new herbal treatments and prolong the life of the product.