Unleashing the beauty in Her

"We are the voice for every little girl who is finding her self-confidence"

The Pritsy Princesse’s mission is to make your life a little easier and certainly much more fun while celebrating Girls all around the world with items that make them feel wonderful inside & out. 

  • It is so important to impact a child in a positive way early on. We believe that self-confidence can change the narrative in a Childs life; which is why here in the PPBoutique club we encourage, empower and promote self confidence. 

  • We are showing women, girls and all who's watching all over what it really means to love and embrace yourself, even when life is hard and knocks you down. We stand and fight for every little girl who's ever felt she could never amount to anything, any girl who's ever felt like giving up ANY girl searching for confidence to move mountains in her life.

Our aim is to brighten your day without breaking the bank, So we bring to you unique outfits as well as some of the items you'd normally buy on the shelf at a reasonable price.

Whether you are a fashionista yourself or searching for the best gift ever for a princess, we are here to give you only the best quality clothes you love.

We manage our operation from our offices and receive help from our suppliers with shipping.
We constantly strive to bring you, our valued customer, the best example of what confidence and self-love is

 Though our focus is on uplifting , we never compromise on quality clothes and pride ourselves on offering FREE Shipping on purchases of $150+ to most countries around the world. 

If you are as passionate about Celebrating girls as we are, you will love what the Pritsy Princess Club has to offer. Checkout our Affiliates program!